Presidents Message

On behalf of the Trustees and Officers, I am proud to serve as President of the Foundation for Bordentown Traditions.  We are a small group of hard working individuals committed to making Bordentown a better place.  When the Foundation formed in 2012 there were three goals we wanted to achieve. The first was to raise funds to help bring back the Bordentown Independence Day Celebration. The second was to create signature events that would not only raise funds but would also become “Bordentown Traditions”. The third was to provide assistance to other community events, which needed either financial backing or additional volunteers.  As of 2016, I would say we have had great success in accomplishing these goals, the fireworks have not only returned but the event has grown each year since 2013  We now have the Street of Dreams Car Show and the Bordentown Turkey Trot, which are not only successful fundraisers but are events that many from and around Bordentown look forward to each year and we continue to support other events such as the Wailing Woods Hayride.

We are thankful that we have formed a relationship with the Bordentown Township Committee and the Bordentown City Commissioners and received cooperation in putting on these events.  The support from both the Township and City Police Departments, Public Works Departments and local Fire Departments has been second to none.  We are also thankful for the overwhelming support of the  Bordentown business community whose sponsorships have played a key part in making all of this possible.  I am asking you to please look at our event and sponsor pages and support these members of our community whenever possible.  Lastly we would like to thank the residents of Bordentown, if you have run in the 5K, registered a car in the car show, attended our annual night at the Trenton Thunder, dropped change in a bucket, bought a 50/50 ticket, an ornament or a t-shirt you have supported us.  Maybe your street was closed for the 5K run or the car show and you were blocked in or had to park elsewhere you have supported us and it is greatly appreciated.

Organizing these events and continuing to grow, cannot be accomplished by our current Trustees and Officers alone and I encourage anyone who believes in what we are doing for the community to consider volunteering, if you do not have time please consider a tax deductible donation to help ensure these events continue. In either case you would be surprised how much of an impact even a small donation or amount of your time can make.

Once again we thank you for past support, and look forward to seeing you at future events,

Christopher Nunn


The Foundation for Bordentown Traditions, Inc.